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Ok so... for some reason I recently found myself wandering around the North Pole. I didn't even know Arda had one of those. After a really weird run-in with some miner guy who kept singing about silver and gold and narrowly escaping some sort of snow beast I finally lost that whiney little elf guy and somehow found my way back and now I seem to be in captivity. Neato. I like doritos.

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It's come to my attention that I may need some way to enforce that whole clown shoe thing. If no one who'd like to spend their time smacking up rohirrim who wont obey comes forward, then I may take this up with the MEP....


*runs off with a tiny elf who wants to be a dentist in search of other misfits*


I have an annoucemant, dammit.

From this day forward, all Rohan royalty must wear clown shoes.

And a colorful wig every second thursday.

You have to do it. I own you. *waves around receipt* GOT DAMMIT EOMER I DO.

*tucks it away before anyone can steal it*

Yes. In other news, the Taco Bell is wonderful. In fact.... *prances off for more tacos*
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    angry screams of upper class rohirrim.


Rohan needs some fast food joints.

I'm having a Taco Bell built in Edoras.

Yeah, a regular Taco Bell. Because I'm not clever enough to come up with a clever little name but I really like tacos. It'll be open by tomorrow afternoon so I can have tacos for dinner. Yep.
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Despite being tazered, I still seem to be maintaining this vague feeling of contempt toward everything that moves that I've had since that guy threw me at Bree.

*flies around machine-gunning down people at random*

I've even been working on my evil-and-slightly-insane laugh. Ready?


Yeah it needs a little work.

*guns down s'more unsuspecting people*
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