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I woke up a few days ago very cold and naked and very much on my floor. Not exactly unusual or anything, but it's the fact that I'm like... NOT A REINDEER ANYMORE that this has any sort of significance. I HAVE THUMBS NOW. LOOK!! *wiggles 'em*

I actually spend the weekend reaquanting myself with the old fellas. Well. Reaquanting the old fellas with Mr Spoon, Mr Lighter and Mr Needle, to be precise. Holy shit I have thumbs. This is so much better than prancing around and flying and shit.

I hear there's some new housing soon to be in the works. This could be very good for business.
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So when I'm not aimlessly meandering about doing whatever it is I do when I'm so jacked up I can't think I now live in an apartment. I do not like being in such close quarters with that boogery thing. He kept pointing at my nose and howling in delight and other things someone really really stupid might do when confronted with a reindeer posessing a nose such as mine.

Speaking of which....

WHY THE FUCK AM I STILL AN ERUDAMNED REINDEER? I am going to break free of this tiresome form! I am sick of forcing anything with appossable thumbs to work my needles for me (andIamnotafuckingaddictdammit)! I am sick of prancing about like some sort of prancing thing... that... prances a lot! *stamps* This ends NOW.

Or maybe after I take a little nap.
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AH! I suppose I should give it back, then, hm? And I'm glad she enjoyed the smack.

*sits around apathetically*

I think I'll go back to the Shire before this whole pop band thing.. happens. Or something. Watch out, fools.